Boxcar Children on the web, Part 1*

We’ve been so busy working on producing new Boxcar Children books that it’d been a while since we’d typed “The Boxcar Children” into Google and Wikipedia—you know, just to see how those Alden kids are doing in cyberspace. It turns out you can find them in lots of places (just like in the books!):

Here’s the Wikipedia entry—they’ve even got the latest title in the series listed!

We found this very sweet New York Times story from 2004 about the opening of the Gertrude Chandler museum in Putnam, Connecticut. And here’s the link to the museum itself.

There’s three discussion groups on Yahoo, of course.

Behold the work-in-progress of the anonymous and dedicated souls who are working to post the plot summaries of all (ALL!) the Boxcar books in this Wikipedia list. They’ve got the first 30, 5 of the most recent titles, and a few in between. Who wants to help them fill in the gaps?

*This will be an ongoing series of posts, because there’s plenty more out there…

Boxcar Children on the web, Part 1*