Here is a helpful visual aid

Maybe you already know not to underestimate the size of the slush pile, ever. (If you don’t, visit that link and read posthaste!) And you may have already guessed that no, we try not to let it all pile up in a kitchen somewhere. So how big is it from week to week?

Above is a photo of our editor-in-chief’s desk chair when she was out on vacation. This is how it looked with about a week’s worth of mailed submissions stacked up, though there are times when we get this much in about three days.

It’s big enough to elicit a heavy sigh when someone calls to say, “Hi! I just sent you a picture book story! Did you get it?” (Yes, we did. If you need 100% certainty, it’s better to spring for USPS delivery confirmation than make one of our poor editors hunt through the stack.) It’s also big enough that it’s next to impossible to respond personally to most submissions.

But at the same time, it’s manageable enough that indeed we do get through it. So bring it on!

Here is a helpful visual aid

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  1. patriciaorv says:

    I wonder if one of them is mine? Hoping to hear from the company soon, and love reading your blog! Wow… looks like the pile of papers I frequently find myself grading… much sympathy to you!!

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