Where’s Whitman: Powell’s Edition

By Rachel, Editorial Intern

The Location: Powell’s City of Books. Portland, Oregon
The Mission: Find as many books published by Albert Whitman as possible.The Training: Six weeks as an intern at Albert Whitman.The Competition: My little brother, Sam. Sixteen years old.His Weaknesses: No experience at Albert Whitman.
His Strength: Speed.
The Reward: Pride
The Result: I lost. Terribly. Embarrassingly.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

It all started out in good fun. After walking unto this gigantic Bookstore (city of books is an understatement) during a family vacation, I proposed this fun little game to my brother. For me, this friendly competition was a midterm of sorts, to see how well I could remember our titles and navigate such a massive selection. I walked into the children’s section and lead my brother to the Boxcar Children shelf. I advised him to memorize his target — the Albert Whitman logo on the spine of the books.

And we were off.

I thought I had it in the bag. I sauntered off to the picture book section thinking ‘I have shelved every one of these books multiple times. I have gone through all of their reviews. Twice. Sam does not know what he is getting himself into.’

As my confidence slowed me down on my way to the counting section, Sam ran up to me carrying The Super Soybean like a trophy. But I quickly countered with This Tree Counts!. Unfazed, I decided to start scanning the science section. Then, Sam came up with yet another book. On Sam’s tail, I dashed to the board books.  I scanned the spines, thinking that a rookie like him was bound to miss some books. But Sam was unstoppable. He hit me with the one-two punch of You Push, I Ride and Underwear! I admitted defeat and consoled myself in the French literature section.

Good thing I’ve got another month here to prepare for a rematch here in Chicago. I’m off to the library to train!

Rachel and Sam
Where’s Whitman: Powell’s Edition