AWC Podcast Series: Bugs in My Hair?!

Did you know that every year anywhere between 6 million and 12 million school-aged children get head lice?  Unfortunately the little critters pass easily through shared combs, hats, and other items. Today we are talking with author Catherine Stier about her book Bugs in My Hair?! Intended to provide children with an entertaining and comforting look at lice, main character Ellie LaFleur turns one buggy situation into a special opportunity to help other kids. (RT: 4:52)

Author Catherine Stier’s books have received honors from the from the International Reading Association, the Bank Street College of Education and the Society of School Librarians International. Her titles include If I Were President, If I Ran for President, Bugs in My Hair?! and the ‘tween novel, The Terrible Secrets of the Tell-All Club.

Stier has conducted book signings at the Smithsonian National Museum of
American History in Washington D.C., the Art Institute of Chicago’s Festival
of Children’s Books and at Mount Rushmore during their Independence Day

Previously, Stier has served as a newspaper columnist and feature writer, a
magazine writer, a Teen Writing Club facilitator and a writing instructor
for the Adult Education Writing Studio at William Rainey Harper College in
Palatine, Illinois. She now resides in sunny, Southwest Texas.

AWC Podcast Series: Bugs in My Hair?!