From the Archives: Tell Them My Name is Groovy

My name is Wendy, and I’m having a flashback to my 70s childhood.

Tell Them My Name is Amanda by JoAnne Wold was published in 1977 with single-color illustrations by Dennis Hockerman. (And don’t you think Tell Them My Name is Amanda sounds like a perfect title for a 70s after-school special? Starring Melissa Sue Anderson or a young Helen Hunt, perhaps? Oh, but I digress.) Amanda is the story of a shy girl who is upset when nobody can seem to remember her name or get it right. People keep calling her “Ashley,” or “Mandy,” or “Tatum O’ Neal” (sorry, I keep getting those flashbacks). Her big sister calls everyone by their initials (so 70s!) and has one of those cool retro phones:

Anyway,  Amanda sets out her own personal name recognition campaign, which includes wearing a t-shirt with a really stylin’ name decal. She also sews patches with her name on to them on to the knees and pockets of her bell-bottoms!  ADORABLE.

Actually, the name “Amanda” wasn’t exactly obscure in the 1970s, which leads me to believe that she was just looking for an excuse to add some funky embellishments to her Sears outfits (remember when everyone shopped there?).

And I ask you: can you think of anyone these days who can sport their own name on their clothing without looking completely deranged? But when you were about seven years old in the 70s, you could definitely pull it off with confidence and style.

Have a great weekend!

From the Archives: Tell Them My Name is Groovy