Yike’s!! we “love” you’re websitez!

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National Punctuation Day takes place this Friday, so we’re devoting an entire week to blogging about punctuation, grammar, style, spelling, and other intricacies of the English language. Obviously, working in publishing makes us pretty preoccupied with this stuff—we proofread, agonize, have recurring nightmares about flipping through freshly printed F&Gs and seeing dozens of grotesque typos—but if the internet is any indication, we’re definitely not the only ones obsessed with proper usage. Here’s a round-up of some of the most hilariously vigilant websites dedicated to correcting (or at least pointing out) the world’s many, many errors:

Site: The Great Typo Hunt
Mission: Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson correct misspellings and mistakes in punctuation and grammar on public signs and displays all over the country and have written a book called The Great Typo Hunt about their efforts.
Hilarious/unfortunate example: During their recent book tour, the authors came across a sign for Cappachino. (And haven’t we all?)

Sites: Apostrophe Abuse and Apostrophe Catastrophes
Mission: To document the chronic misuse of apostrophes.
Hilarious/unfortunate example: Pump’s are not taking Debit Card’s Please Fill Up Gas And pay In Side With You’re Debit Card…

Site: The “Blog” of Unnecessary Quotation Marks
Mission: Oh, the title explains it all. (Now a book, too!)
Hilarious/unfortunate example: There are so many great ones on this site, but we love the movie marquee that says In “God” We Trust. The sign that declares “Organic” “Pet” “Grass” “Here” is also a gem.

Site: Literally, A Web Log
Mission: To point out incorrect uses of the word “literally.”
Hilarious/unfortunate example: An article about a professional Santa Claus who claims, “I’ve had children just literally tear my heart out.”

Site: Comma Clout
To point out headlines and sentences that desperately need commas.
Hilarious/unfortunate example: How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex With Dr. Laura Berman

Site: Perplexikon
Mission: To find and note intentional misspellings of brands, trademarks, and companies.
Hilarious/unfortunate example: Kountry Korner’s Krazy Kreatures!

Does your brain hurt yet? That’s a good sign that it works, you know.

Yike’s!! we “love” you’re websitez!

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