World Teachers’ Day: Thanks!

It’s World Teachers’ Day!  Quite frankly, I think every day should be teachers day, after all, they MAKE the future. However, it really is nice to have an official day. Especially since we so rarely get the opportunity to thank our teachers—for real, not just because it’s the last day of school!

In honor of World Teachers’ Day, the AWCo staff would like to honor our favorite teachers:

Mrs. Dressman, Mt. Sinai Elementary School, Mt. Sinai, NY, 3rd grade: She figured out that if she taught me division, I’d memorize my times tables by default. She also didn’t mind when I came to school all bleary-eyed from staying up until 2:00am finishing a book. —Michelle

Mr. Madden, J.D. Darnall H.S., Geneseo, IL, 10th grade: He turned history into an interesting story (sometimes relating it to funny facts/life examples) while keeping my attention on history and off boys! —Val

Mrs. Burstein, Bronx High School of Science,  NYC, 10th grade: Mrs. Burstein was tough, but she made even learning French verbs interesting. Once the high heel of her shoe collapsed and she sank gently to the floor, still teaching, without missing a beat. Very impressive. —Abby

Mrs. O’Connor, St. Juliana School, Chicago, IL, 5th and 6th Grade: Read us Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. Was really quite excellent. —Pat

Mr. Chadwick and Miss Petersen, Longfellow School, Oak Park, IL, 2nd grade: Mr. Chadwick read funny Shel Silverstein poems to our class before he moved away mid-year and we didn’t think his replacement could top that. But Miss Petersen had a great British accent, which made the poems sound awesome!—Wendy

Miss Reinke, George Rogers Clark H.S. Whiting, IN, 9th grade: She was just nuts—she wore small glasses and had a little bun on her head.  But she really made Freshman Year Biology seem fun and interesting. It was a big class, but it felt like she was giving everyone one-on-one attention.—Nick

World Teachers’ Day: Thanks!