From the Archives: Let’s Fly to Bermuda! (Because We’re Fabulous)

Remember when air travel was so glamorous that you had to wear a tie, even if you were a kid?

Well, okay, neither do we. But in 1942, when we published Let’s Fly to Bermuda by Marjorie Barrows, it was the norm, at least for exceedingly lucky twins like Nan and Toby. (Though you have to wonder why a family who can afford to jaunt off to tropical islands is taking a bus to the airport. Couldn’t Mother revise her fancy hat budget to allow for a cab now and then?)

But never mind, because once they board the plane the family has to endure the usual airline hassles—you know, tablecloths, three-course meals, attendants in stylish pillbox hats waiting on your every need.

(Remember this image next time you fly. Try not to weep into your packet of pretzels.)

And look, Nan has her armrest all to herself!

Do you suppose the in-flight movie was Casablanca? Sigh.

All right, that’s enough nostalgia and envy for today. Happy Friday!

From the Archives: Let’s Fly to Bermuda! (Because We’re Fabulous)