Happy Thanksgiving!

Some people say that Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday. Yet, it is also a universal celebration – with similar holidays in every culture. Tomorrow, Americans take time to be with family, eat something yummy, and take a moment to think about thankfulness.

Surprisingly, Thanksgiving is also a big children’s book holiday – and not just for teachers looking for something to read to their students on a short week. Bookstores sell a lot of Thanksgiving books – mostly, I suspect, to grandparents, but to parents, aunts, and uncles, as well.  We look for something to keep the kids occupied, but also a nice gift that isn’t candy or the toy we plan to give in a few weeks.

Thanksgiving books for kids range from goofy to thought-provoking and from funny to historical. A look at some of the bestsellers on various retail sites includes 10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston, illustrated by Richard F. Deas (a “goofy” counting book about turkeys falling off a fence), a Magic Tree House title, and several books highlighting either the first Thanksgiving or a family giving thanks. 

We have quite a few Thanksgiving titles. Our most recent (and thus my current favorite) is Duck for Turkey Day by Jacqueline Jules, illustrated by Kathryn Mitter.  When I was on the road with this book last year, I kept calling it the “perfect Thanksgving book.” I know, I know, marketing hyperbole. But, it really is exactly the right book for the day.  It’s about family and friends (and food, of course). Because, no matter what we say…our actions speak louder than words. We spend Thanksgiving with those we love.

For a full list of Albert Whitman & Company Thanksgiving books, check out our website.

Happy Thanksgiving! We’ll be back next week.

Happy Thanksgiving!