Boxcars, Interviews, and eBook Creations

I had the pleasure of joining Open Road Media at the Gertrude Chandler Warner Museum in Putnam, CT a couple of weeks ago. They were taping interviews with several people involved with the museum for use in both the enhanced eBooks and for marketing of the entire eBook series.

Thanks to the torrential rain that day, it look me an hour and half longer than expected to reach Putnam. I was very disappointed because that meant I missed seeing the kids! The museum invited a group of local children over and one of the docents led a visit to the museum. The film crew (Lilly the producer, Luke the cameraperson, and Lily the local assistant) led them through what I heard was a great taping. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

Later that afternoon, Lilly interviewed Fred Hedenberg, the Founder and Curator of the Museum. As was noted during the taping, the torrential downpours – which continued throughout – really contributed to the atmosphere. After all, the Boxcar Children themselves entered their boxcar for the first time because of rain. He also had such a passion for the museum and for what Miss Warner meant to the people of Putnam.

The next day – a much nicer day weatherwise – we met up again, this time at Fred’s home. Lilly then interviewed Julia Duquette, a relative of Miss Warner’s and one of her former students. The video from this interview will be amazing because she was able to add so much, well, reality to the process.

The final interview, with Barbara Scalise, the assistant director, also gave us great insight. Ms. Scalise is a retired teacher and gives many of the museum tours. Her view of the books, as well as Miss Warner’s life, really added to our knowledge.

The best part of the three interviews — how different they were. One person who’d known Miss Warner her entire life, one who met her only in the last years of Miss Warner’s life, and one who only knew her through the books and local history.

I’m looking forward to seeing the edited footage on both the enhanced eBooks and in various social media outlets. Keep an eye out for more!

Lilly and Luke shoot some B-roll
Boxcars, Interviews, and eBook Creations