From the mail bag…

As a marketer, I often see letters from kids as I forward them to authors and illustrators. However, they are rarely addressed to me. And until last month, I’d never received an entire packet of letters addressed to me….from an entire classroom of kids…like I was an author or somthing. 

Let’s go back to the beginning:

In the fall, we created some silly bands for three of our series books: The Buddy Files, Zapato Power and The Boxcar Children. We received some nice praise for this, including a mention on the Horn Book Out of the Box Blog. One of the commentators, Eric Carpenter (teacher, Atlanta, GA) said how much his students loved Zapato Power — so I hinted that if he sent me a direct email (not hard to find), I could send his students some of the silly bands. And so he did. And so I did.

And then the letters arrived!  Some favorite bits:

I hope you make more books. I like all the books. How do you make books?

Thanks you for the silly bands. My favorite one is the purple Zapato Power band.

My mom put ’em and it looks very beautiful for my mom and she likes them so much.

What is your favorite par of Zapato Power? What is your favorite book the Boxcar Children, Zapato Power, or Buddy Files?

I like when Freddie runs fast….I love the Boxcar Children books too because the kids live in a strange place….I can’t wait to read the Buddy Files.

Of course, now I want to send a thank you letter for the thank you letters. Not sure how to begin, but I’m sure I’ll start with “Thanks for making my day!”

Side Note: Turns out Eric Carpenter is also a blogger and nominated Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Takes Off (Book 1) for a Cybil Award…and now it’s a finalist.  Thanks, Eric!

From the mail bag…