From the Archives: The Tomorrow of Yesterday

These first few weeks of writing “2011” on your checks sure makes you feel like you live in the future, doesn’t it? Which is why this seemed like a perfect time to show you this gem from our archives—The Wonderland of Tomorrow, by Jean Carper, published in 1961:

Behold, a vision of the 21st century! Or maybe 1987. Whatever—it’s just another day in The Future, where rockets are launched daily and all the highways run in only one direction.

This book’s table of contents lets you know what’s in store for us. Say hello to non-stop sunshine, long retirements, and robot overlords!

Here’s some more glimpses of the future (be sure read the original captions, too!)

Some day man’s urge to ride a giant magical steam iron will be satisfied.

“You kids settle down! Don’t make me turn the hovercraft around!”

Clearly those eleven trees out the window are THE LAST TREES ON EARTH.

And one day they might even be able to help us complete these enormous crossword puzzles.

Happy Friday, everyone! May your weekend be a wonderland.

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2 Responses to From the Archives: The Tomorrow of Yesterday

  1. Those illustrations and captions are great!
    Just wondering about the author and if she’s the same Jean Carper with several health/anti-aging bestsellers.

  2. Wendy in Editorial says:

    No idea, Alison! The book has no bio information on her (or him) whatsoever, not even on the jacket. The only thing I can guess about this author is that he/she read a lot of Popular Science Magazine back in the day.

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