Buddy and Edgar Create a Happy Morning

HomeYesterday was a very exciting day here at Albert Whitman & Company when we learned that The Buddy Files: The Case of the Lost Boy by Dori Hillestad Butler is a 2011 Edgar Award Nominee!

The morning started pretty normally and then Wendy pokes her head in my office to ask what Dori’s email means.  I hadn’t read Dori’s email yet, so I quick hit send/receive and saw “Wow!” Where’s my phone call?:)”

We were perplexed, but figured it had to be an award of some kind — “Phone Call” being code for “Big News.”

So, I googled and yahooed and finally found the PR Newswire on the Edgars — posted less than a minute before.  How had Dori known already?

Turns out her best friend is on some sort of advanced mailing list and had called her. Needless to say, we were all jumping around and having a fun time of it. Then the inevitable question…What does it mean? 

Well, obviously, it has a lot of cache — as I told Dori, her bio will know always say “Edgar Nominated Author Dori Hillestad Butler.” And of course, mystery fans around the world will now take a look at the book. Many of whom probably hadn’t known about the series yet and have kids in their lives….and gifts to buy.

However, a quick look around the internet and a few emails to colleagues seems inconclusive as to sales. For the most part, other than some increased interest from international publishers and a brief increase in Amazon rankings, actual sales are hard to trace.

Of course, here in Marketing, we know that other than a few awards (Newbery) and media outlets (Oprah), book sales are always hard to trace. So we’re just going to continue celebrating and getting the word out there. After all, that’s how Buddy has become one of our top sellers already (and the same book is also on the Texas Bluebonnet Master List — one of those few traceable sales things).

Congratulations to Dori and to Buddy and to us!

Buddy and Edgar Create a Happy Morning