From the Archives: Tony and his Pals

Today’s find is Tony and his Pals, by H.M and F.M. Christeson, 1934.

Apparently the Christesons liked to write books in the “celebrity animal” niche, since they also published Wild Animal Actors, one of my favorite archive books. In this book, the famous animal is “Tony,” the faithful horse of Tom Mix, Hollywood’s first superstar cowboy.  (Who apparently wasn’t afraid of a little makeup.)

The book gives us a glimpse of Tom and Tony’s glamorous life together.

It’s really kind of a poignant book when you read more about Tom Mix’s life and career. After starring in hundreds of silent Westerns (many of which have been lost to time), he lost his savings in the Great Depression, made only a few sound films, and then died in 1940 in a bizarre car accident. He left behind a fascinating record of a wild time in early Hollywood.  If you have time on this chilly Friday morning, take a look at this wonderful online scrapbook of Tom’s (and Tony’s!) life. Fun to know that Albert Whitman Co. was a part of it.

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From the Archives: Tony and his Pals

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  1. carol says:

    loved the trip down Memory Lane, thanks so much for the pictures, and for sharing
    this wonderful book that Albert Whitman was a part of

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