Way to go Dori!

Yesterday, Dori Hillestad Butler appeared on Fox & Friends with a Texas parent/babysitter who is challenging her book My Mom’s Having a Baby!


We are so proud of Dori! In less than 24-hours, she did some ad-hoc media training (by phone with me and in person with her friends) and raced across Iowa in the pre-dawn hours to sit for 3-minutes in a studio talking to people in NYC and Texas who already had their minds made up.

Here’s the link.

Wasn’t she great!  Strong and confident; clear in her thoughts and intentions; a credit to her profession.

She blogged a bit about it last night.

My favorite quote: “A library is not a day care center. It’s not the librarian’s responsibility to supervise the children who come in. It’s not the librarian’s responsibility to make sure every child only picks up books that are ‘appropriate’ for them. How could it be? What’s appropriate for one child is not appropriate for another child.”

We also want to thank Dori’s friends (and fellow authors):

At the table (from left, clockwise): Katherine House (Lighthouses for Kids: History, Science and Lore with 21 Activities, Chicago Review Press, 2008), Wendy Henrichs (I Am Tama, Lucky Cat: A Japanese Legend, Peachtree Publishers, August 2011), Dori Hillestad Butler (hero of the day) and Kellye Crocker (aspiring YA author, former journalist, and bringer of the camera) having breakfast at The Café in Ames, Iowa, after the “debate.”

They came through for all of us BIG TIME. Part-time media trainers, part-time media escorts, and full-time friends.  Thanks.

Way to go Dori!