Shameless Electioneering

The ALA (American Library Association) Elections opened for voting yesterday. I am on the ballot for Member-At-Large of the AASL Board (American Association of School Librarians).

No, I am not a librarian. I’m told, in fact, that this is the first time a vendor has been on the ballot for the AASL Board. I was proud and honored, not only to hear this, but to be nominated at all.

You see, librarians made me who I am today. Well, Mom and Dad had a bit to do with that too, but they’re the ones who brought me to the public library every week and, I suspect, made sure I could go to the school library as often as I wished.

I can’t imagine an organization I’d rather serve.

Of course, I’d also be a defacto vendor representative to the Board. I’m excited by that idea as well. I know from my experience as an association staffer (Children’s Book Council), that organizations can suffer from tunnel vision from time to time. An “outsider” can help with that.

So, first I’d like to remind all ALA members to vote. Most organizations don’t have nearly the voter turnout they should have. Without member input, it’s hard for organizations to be run effectively. So vote.

And then to all the AASL members, please vote for me.  I promise to bring my opinionated self to every aspect of the job. Regular readers of this blog (and anyone who’s ever been in a meeting with me) will know that I definitely like to speak my mind. Particularly in support of libraries, librarians, and of course, books and reading.


Note: Members should have received their election emails from ALA yesterday or today.  The link they sent me is here, but you do need your own electronic signature. For questions, contact ALAMembership at 800-545-2433 press 5 or

Shameless Electioneering