Missing Boxcar? But they didn’t go anywhere!

Last week, Time.com (I think online only) did a piece entitled “Top 10 Kid’s Book Series We Miss.” The Boxcar Children were #4!  We are, of course, thrilled to have the attention of a prominent national news magazine. However, we’re not sure why they implied that the books were gone, OP, kaput.

When you look at the full list of 10, all the books/series seem to be in print and available. Some are no longer continuing series, but The Boxcar Children are — #127 out in May.

After several re-reads of the entire article, I think what they mean is that they’d like “where are they now” books for them — as adults. Not that today’s kids can’t still enjoy these series.

But the article really does read as if none of these series are available anymore. Hopefully, most interested readers did a quick internet search and found the books they wanted easily.

This article is part of an interesting phenomenon – adults who think their childhood favorites (books, games, etc.) belonged just to them.

At least once a day, I see a comment on Twitter, or Facebook, or on a blog, from an adult (anywhere from 20-something on up) who askes “Anyone remember those Boxcar kids?” And more of than not, followed up by “Man, I wish they were still around.” or something similar.

I try to believe that, like the Time writers, what they really want is to read them again — to recapture some of their youth. I do think most of them — not regularly in touch with kids or in children’s sections of libraries and bookstores — simply think the books disappeared soon after they moved on to more difficult reading choices.

Of course, it’s probably both.

FYI, we are expanding outside the series — but not looking forward in time.  We’ll be publishing a prequel in Fall 2012 written by Newbery-medalist Patricia MacLachlan.

Missing Boxcar? But they didn’t go anywhere!

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  1. I love this series- I began reading them when I was a child and now I read them to the little girls that I babysit for. I tried to buy a couple of the Boxcar Children books for Christmas presents this year but I looked high and low and none of my local bookstores carry them (I live in Ontario,Canada, maybe they are easier to find in other areas?). Glad that this series is still around!

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