When Children’s Books Go Digital: TOC at Bologna

So much excitement was in the air at this year’s very first Tools of Change conference at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.  This one day conference was entitled “The World of Storytelling is Changing” and it seems like the industry is embracing it!  A good mix of tech and publishing professionals from all around the world gathered to share their experiences throughout the day at forums and panel discussions.  In addition to the a discussion of the quick expansion of apps and e-books developments, fundamentals such as market structures and business models of the digital world were also addressed.

As we waited to hear about how the world of storytelling is changing.

With statistics showing that children know how to play with tablets and digital devices before they even know how to tie their shoelaces, there is no question about why it is essential for publishers to include digitalization as part of their on-going publishing strategy. 

And for now, all eyes are on apps. 

However, the high cost and lengthy development send up to costs of each app.  At the same time, downward pricing is expected by consumers due to economic squeeze and competitive market.  It was made clear by several experts that publishing companies must think through their digital strategy very carefully before jumping into this new wave of technology. 

The final takeaway? Choose the content wisely because as always, success is driven by content.

Closing keynote speaker, Martin Salisbury's, depiction of how it will be combined effort between the tech expert and artist.
When Children’s Books Go Digital: TOC at Bologna