From the Archives: Busy Office, “Busy” People

Busy Office, Busy People, by Jene Barr, illustrated by Charles Lynch, 1968.

We have an old design mock-up of this book framed and hanging near our copy machine in OUR busy office. I love the design of this cover and I’d always meant to look at a copy of the book, but I was too, you know, busy.

I’m glad I finally found it and read it.

Wow. So Mad Men!

It looks like Mr. Star and Miss Lee are having a pleasant enough exchange, but for all we know he could be about to yell at her for forgetting to rip the little page off his desk calendar. Because clearly he’s too important a guy to be doing that.

Or do anything else, for that matter.  Wish I could be that kind of “busy.”

For more fabulously retro artwork and commentary on this book, take a look at this.

Happy Friday!

From the Archives: Busy Office, “Busy” People