Dori Won!

For weeks, we’ve been planning Dori Hillestad Butler’s trip to New York City to attend the Edgar Awards Banquet. Her book The Buddy Files: The Case of the Lost Boy was nominated and we were thrilled. And last night, SHE WON!!!

Dori’s husband, Bob accompanied her to the banquet and Whitman was represented by Margaret Coffee. I sat on my couch at home and tried to pretend that I wasn’t jealous of the schmoozing (and the filet mignon). However, I didn’t really expect to hear that we’d won.

That said, I was hitting refresh on my email about every 2-3 minutes all evening. Then…there it was…”We won!!!!!” Needless to say I tried calling Margaret immediately. She did not pick up.

It took about an hour for Dori to get someplace quiet enough to call me. By then my phone was running very low on battery (thanks to all that refreshing), so I was sitting on my bedroom floor with the phone plugged into the outlet when we talked.

She was so excited. She’s been dreaming of this since she was a teenager. Isn’t it amazing when our lifelong dreams come true!

Dori, we are so proud of you.  Thanks for bringing us on this amazing ride we call The Buddy Files…and the adventure continues!

Dori Won!

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