Welcome to NetGalley

We joined NetGalley this season because of the launch of Albert Whitman Teen, but we’ve included eARCs for our novels for teens and kids.

If you don’t know what NetGalley is yet, you should. If you are an educator, librarian, bookseller, book blogger, or reviewer, you should be signed up with them.

Publishers pay to include our galleys — but professionals and reviewers do not pay to read them. We place eARCs on the site and grant permission to individuals to download a copy for a limited time. Publishers of all types — kids, teens, adults, gift, nonfiction, and more — are on NetGalley. We’ve only included novels, but many publishers also have picture books or other illustrated books on the site.

We see this has having two benefits — one we hope to eventually eliminate (or at least significantly reduce) our costs (and the environmental costs) of printing and mailing ARCs. But we’re also finding that we’re reaching a different group of people — beyond our usual ARC mailings.

  • Librarians and teachers in districts who don’t normally get to conferences.
  • Booksellers who don’t see reps or go to trade shows — they might just work on the floor part-time.
  • Teens and other readers with blogs and review sites that fall under our radar.

Of course, since some NetGalley reviewers are new to the reviewing biz, this means the reviews can be interesting — suggesting an early chapter book would be great for young teens, for example. But many of the reviews we’ve received so far have been amazing (and amazingly honest as well).

Some advice when you sign up — put as much information in your profile description as possible. It’s surprising the number of the people who just write “I love books!”

Some things to include: real name, email address, where you review and how often, where you live, and if you blog, the blog address and current hits per month.

Think of your profile as a “please send me a review copy” letter. Why does a publisher want to you to read a book in advance? What benefit will a review from you provide? (Note: a good review is NOT a requirement for being approved to see the eARC.)

So go sign up now — it’s easy!

Welcome to NetGalley