Random Acts of Publicity Week: Thursday

Hi! My name is Mouse. I’m a dog, and I like dog books! I especially like The Christmas Pups which was written by Teresa Bateman and illustrated by John Kanzler. (My human says it’s very important to name both the author and the illustrator of a book!)

I don’t think you should just read this book at Christmastime. You should read this book whenever you’re thinking about getting a new puppy because it shows you the best place to go to find a puppy…or a full grown dog…or a cat (if you must)…maybe even a blue-tongued skink!

So where is the best place to go to get a new pet? I’ll give you a hint…it’s not the pet store. It’s the animal shelter! And I should know because I used to live at an animal shelter.

In The Christmas Pups, Ruff, Tuff, and Penny are cold and hungry. They’re living in a box until they’re picked up and taken to the animal shelter. Ruff and Tuff want to give Penny a Christmas present. They want to give her a family. And they have a plan.

I’m not going to tell you what their plan is or even whether it works. If you want to find out whether Penny gets a family, you’ll have to read the book. But I will tell you this: the book has a happy ending. And no dogs or humans die! (Don’t you hate it when you read a book and the dog or human dies at the end?)

There are lots of great dogs just waiting for families to love at your local animal shelter. Some of us are housebroken. Some of us have even had some training. We end up at shelters for lots of different reasons, very few of which are actually our fault.

I think you should read this book, and then give it to all your friends who are thinking about adding a dog to their family.

Mouse is a three-year-old golden retriever/English setter mix who enjoys hot dogs, liver treats, squeaky tug toys, hide-and-seek, a good game of chase, and BOOKS. He especially enjoys having children read to him at the Coralville Public Library and the Iowa City Public Library. Mouse’s human is Dori Hillestad Butler, the author of The Buddy Files and numerous other books for kids and teens.

Random Acts of Publicity Week: Thursday