What Am I?

We’ve just published the first four books in a great new series for preschoolers.  WHAT AM I? is a series of lift-the-page books that inspires educated guessing and contains a wonderful repetitive scheme perfect for teaching sight words.  Of course, the books are also just fun.

Two of the titles are holidays — Halloween and Christmas.  Author Anne M. Lewis will talk about the Halloween book tomorrow.

Today, I want to share the State books with you. Now, from a marketing perspective, perhaps we should have started with Texas and Florida (we’re doing those in Spring 2012). But, we’re located in Illinois and the author and illustrator live in Michigan — and we just couldn’t resist.


In What Am I? Illinois, kids are asked to guess a number of the state symbols using both visual and verbal clues. Here are the before and after shots for one of the spreads:

This book was particularly useful to me — as a relative newcomer to Illinois, all my memorized-in-elementary-school State facts are from New York.  For instance, I learned that the Monarch Butterfly is the state insect. Truth is, I should have known that since I’ve known for years that one of the children’s choice awards in Illinois is called the Monarch Book Award.

Here is the before and after for What Am I? Michigan.

As you can see, the simply refrain of “What am I? What could I be?” will keep little kids bouncing on their knees during storytime!

What Am I?