Guest Post: Anne M. Lewis Loves Halloween

by Anne M. Lewis

At a recent visit to the Hale, Michigan Balloon Festival What Am I? Halloween was the featured book for the children’s reading time.

I was amazed to see children of all ages ranging from 2-10 excited to answer the theme questions of the book, “What am I? What could I be?”  And the media specialist reading the book couldn’t wait to turn the page to give them another clue for the next item hidden behind the flap.

The teachers that saw the book commented on how these books utilized site word and they loved the repeat questions for young readers to feel the success of reading a familiar phrase.

Parents were excited to purchase copies of What Am I? Halloween so they could share with their little ones Halloween in a fun-filled enchanting and not-to-scary way.

I was thrilled to see the response to my new Halloween book as I really wanted to share Halloween, my second most favorite holiday, with younger children.

Guest Post: Anne M. Lewis Loves Halloween