Tomorrow is Book Lovers Day!

We recently learned that the first Saturday in Novemeber is Book Lovers Day. In celebration, we’re sharing some of our personal bookshelves with you. (To be honest, I think it’s more an excuse to see each other’s bookshelves.)

Let’s start with mine:

This photo makes it look like I have a nicely curated collection of children’s books (this shelf has children’s publishing history and Newbery winners), but what I really have is a haphazzardly found pile of books that have now successfully made it on to two (well three and counting) bookcases. But I love it — you never know what gem you might find while browsing.

And from Josalyn:

These bookshelves are favored by my daughter’s daughters.

And from Kristin:

The way I arrange my books is pretty nonsensical. But this one is my favorite bookshelf. The top row contains some favorites of recent years, including books by Curtis Sittenfeld, Ian McEwan, and Geraldine Brooks. The next shelf proudly holds Bossypants and some of my kids’ favorites, including the Hunger Games trilogy. This shelf is a bit empty now because I foisted most of my Harry Potters onto my mother, who needs to read them already. (Mom, if you’re reading this…) Then there’s a shelf of some random novelty books (a mini version of The Little Engine That Could, for example) and poetry. And the bottom three are sort of a showcase of my time spent at Penguin—a whole row of Penguin Classics and two rows filled with Mad Libs, a series I edited lovingly for four years.

And here’s Caity’s:

The top two shelves of this bookcase hold some of my greatest treasures – the complete series of Anne of Green Gables along with other books by and about L.M. Montgomery that I acquired when I went to the Anne of Green Gables Festival on Prince Edward Island, my incomplete set of Harry Potter books including the advanced readers copy of Year 2, some of my personal favorite children’s books that I don’t want to stick on my kids’ bookshelves because they are signed copies, and some travel books that I purchased abroad in Budapest, Jerusalem, and Prague.

Tomorrow is Book Lovers Day!

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