CBC Extreme Trivia Night

When I was Marketing Director of the Children’s Book Council, the Early Career Committee had their first few Extreme Trivia Nights — held annually in November. For those first few years, I sat in the back sitting on my hands because I could not compete. Of course, I’d helped with some of the questions, so it would not have been fair.

Since then, I have not competed because I was never in NYC at the time of the event…but that changed last night. As I spent two days meeting with editors, librarians, and other children’s literature opinionmakers, my mind often drifted elsewhere — to Tuesday night — when I could compete in my first Extreme Trivia Challenge!

Hosts: Gabrielle Zevin and Carolyn Mackler

So last night, I approached the Scholastic building in Soho with eager anticipation. I ran into old friends and met a few new ones, but then it was on to round one.  We were assigned teams (roughly randomly, but I did notice that all of the former winners were on separate teams) — here is my team:  Team 1

Sarah Barley (Harper); Julie Leung (Random House), Michelle Bayuk (Albert Whitman), Amy Allen (Henry Holt), Dana Bergman (Penguin)

I told them immediately that I wanted to win. We talked specialities — mine being that I have read all the Newberys. One woman was a fantasy fiction fan.  Another read very widely as an editorial assistant in a paperback house. We felt we had a fighting chance.

So, round one had NO NEWBERY QUESTIONS and for a run of about 5-6 questions in the middle I had not read any of the books mentioned. On the plus side, we had to name three of the dwarfs from THE HOBBIT and one of our team members could remember four. We did very well on the name the movie based on a children’s/YA book based on the actor — just missed one. And we completely guess on one question — and we got it exactly right!

In the end, we were in the middle of the pack – perhaps in the upper half — but the first round went to Team 5 and Team 10.

Round Two featured a Jeapardy-style board with various categories — including “Book Meets Book.” This category featured the best question of the night — I don’t remember the clue, but the answer was BOXCAR CHILDREN MAKE TERRIBLE PETS.

This category helped propel Team 10 to the win in round two — but then came the final question where both teams had to wager points based on the category (again Jeapordy-style, but the answers were not in the form of a question in any round).

And there was my Newbery question — and I would not have had the answer. I knew I’d read the book in question — the clue was a quote from the book. The answer: MANIA MAGEE.

Neither team had the answer, but Team 5 wagered more points than Team 10 — so Team 10 won the treasured Golden Bunny statues. My friend Heather Scott (Scholastic) won her second first place Golden Bunny!  (She’d also been on a second place team awhile back.)  Congratulations!

I wonder if I can be in NYC at the right time next year?

CBC Extreme Trivia Night

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