Parents at a Book Fair

by Caity in Sales

I recently had the pleasure of working at the Scholastic Book Fair at my children’s schools. I always enjoy working at the fair. I get a chance to look at some of the newest books, interact with the kids, and buy some books for the holidays (using my volunteer coupon—a little perk).

Now I wish I could say that the kids are only buying books, but let’s be realistic here. Many of these kids are spending their money on giant pencils and cool erasers (which they’ll never actually use to erase anything), posters and  bookmarks. Of course, some buy a book or two first, and then as they feel they have to spend all the money that mom or dad gave them, they finish out the sale with these little tchotchkes.

I was there on the first day of the fair at my son’s school (2nd-5th grades) when kids came in to write up a wish list, or purchase items if they had money and were ready for that. I wasn’t working the cash register, so I’m not exactly sure what the hot items were. But I know the stack of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever was quickly dwindling. Many of the kids also checked out the displays for Lego, Star Wars, Rebecca Caudill, and Blue Stem.

My son went to school with money that morning and came home in the afternoon with a copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid along with one about the 25 best pitchers in the Major Leagues for 2011. I wasn’t at all surprised as those were the two books I figured he would be interested in. I’m happy that he spent his money on books and not posters or a cell phone eraser.

Two of our titles were visible at the fair—What Am I? Illinois and Fox Walked Alone. The librarian really liked What Am I? Illinois (even though it’s the wrong age for this school), and thought that it would be a great book for parents to buy as a gift for younger siblings.

At my daughter’s school, which is a PreK-1, I worked the last day of the fair. It was pretty quiet, as most of the kids had already come in to purchase their books. At that fair, I saw our book, Grandma Lena’s Big Ol’ Turnip. They also had a Lego and Star Wars display. Not surprising, they still had stacks of Diary of a Wimpy Kid—it’s a little too old for that school. My daughter picked up a chapter book about a puppy (no surprise) and an easy reader based on the movie Dolphin Tale, along with a cool pen, of course!

Parents at a Book Fair