I met Mouse!!!!

I work with most of our authors and illustrators long distance, and don’t usually get to meet them in person, but on the rare occasion that I do, it’s great. But it’s even more awesome when I get to meet a CHARACTER from a book I’ve worked on.

And this fall, on a weekend trip to Iowa, I got to meet Mouse from The Buddy Files! (Also known as “Dori Butler’s dog.”)

The thing about Mouse is that he really does look like a dog who speaks all in caps. He’s HUGE.

Here Mouse is telling my husband, “HELLO. YOU SMELL LIKE PEANUT BUTTER AND SOAP.”

Not only is Mouse a character in The Buddy Files books, he’s also, as a part Golden Retriever and as a therapy dog, the inspiration for Buddy himself. And he loves to play in the yard with Dori and her family.


I met Mouse!!!!