Getting Fit with Miss Fox

by Kristin in Editorial

There’s no crazier time at the gym than the month of January, when everyone’s over their December sugar highs and onto their New Year’s resolutions.

Not that I would know this year, having not made a single visit so far in 2012.

But perhaps I should take a cue from Miss Fox and her class, who, in Miss Fox’s Class Shapes Up, make a group effort to eat healthily and exercise more. Miss Fox notices one student sleeping in class, another whose tummy is a-rumbling, and others who get out of breath way too easily, and decides to help them get a bit more fit.

This book, with its light touch and humorous illustrations, reminds us of key ways we can all be healthier with easy-to-tackle activities. Eating healthy can be a joy when you cook with family, and there are lots of fun ways to exercise, from jumping rope to hula hooping to going on bike rides and swims with your family. The best part is, this stuff works! Miss Fox and her students see firsthand how being healthier and more fit makes life easier and more enjoyable—particularly when the class wins at Field Day!

Miss Fox and her class have even inspired little old me to get up off the cozy couch, cook myself a healthy meal, and then brave the January weather to head to the gym. If Miss Fox’s class can get fit, then I can, too!

Getting Fit with Miss Fox