April is National Poetry Month!

In honor of National Poetry Month, here is an excerpt from A FUNERAL IN THE BATHROOM, written by Kalli Dakos and illustrated by Mark Beech. 



A Funeral in the Bathroom


Tears in the bathroom,

time to say good-bye

to a chubby little fish—

we called him Pudgy Pie. 


We could almost hear him say,

“This fish food is so good!
It’s my ice cream and pizza pie!”

Oh, how he loved his food!


But here beside the toilet,

we try to decide.

Did Pudgy eat too much?
Is that why he died?


We place him on the water

amid a gentle hush.

Then we push the handle,

and the toilet starts to flush.


Pudgy’s back in water.

Oh, how he loved to swim!

And here in the toilet,

he takes his final spin.


One last exciting whirl,

before he must move on.

And then in one giant gulp,

our little fish is gone.


© Kalli Dakos


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April is National Poetry Month!