‘Tis the season to shop

The Princess Who Had No Kingdom was in love with the court jester and wanted to find him and everyone on her gift list something special because it was almost The Night Before Christmas.

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On Saturday, the princess started out across her village, where she ran into a little old lady being led by a small dog.

Bonjour,” said the old woman. “My name is Madame Martine, and this is my dog, Max.”

The princess knelt to pet Max, who licked her face enthusiastically.

“Where are you headed, dear?” Madame Martine asked.

“To find a gift for my beloved. But I don’t know where to shop,” she said.

“Ah. You should do what Max and I do. Every Saturday we try something new. Today it is Small Business Saturday and all the small shops in town are welcoming shoppers with excellent gift ideas, especially the independently owned bookshops. Max and I plan to visit every one.”

“My beloved does love to read…”

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The princess strolled from bookshop to bookshop and found gifts for her whole family. For her nephew who loved to play pretend, she chose Milo Is Not a Dog Today. For her younger sister, who loved stories of star-crossed lovers, her niece who loved music, The Hero in You by songwriter Ellis Paul. The book included a CD of his wonderful music.

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She found The Opposite of Love for her younger sister, who loved stories of star-crossed lovers, and a copy of Sugar White Snow and Evergreens for her five-year-old cousin. By shopping locally, the Princess Who Had No Kingdom found something for everyone—except for the court jester.

boxcar children adventure guide








But as she passed the little bookshop at the end of the street, she spied the perfect gift in the window: The Boxcar Children Guide to Adventure. “My beloved loves adventure! And boxcars!” She hurried inside and purchased the last copy.

Her shopping was done and there was great joy throughout her kingdom.

Your local independently owned businesses are a kingdom full of treasures for your gift-giving needs. Be like the Princess! Shop local!

‘Tis the season to shop