Q&A with Elizabeth Briggs

Future Threat by Elizabeth Briggs is an action-packed adventure for teen readers about time travel gone awry. In it, Elena Martinez and a group of friends are required again by the Aether corporation to travel into the future and save another teen who has gone missing. They arrive in a future that’s amazingly advanced, thanks to Aether Corporation’s reverse-engineered technology. The mission has deadly consequences, though, and they return to the future to try to alter the course of events. But the future is different yet again. Now every trip through time reveals new complications, and more lives lost—or never born. Elena and Adam must risk everything—including their relationship—to save their friends.


We were lucky enough to sit down with Elizabeth to chat about Future Threat, finding inspiration, and writing routines.

Q: What was your inspiration for your title?

A: Future Threat is the second book in the Future Shock trilogy. The first book, Future Shock, was inspired by this question: what if you discovered something terrible was going to happen to you in the future? Would you be able to change your fate? In Future Threat I decided to take the opposite approach by giving the characters a glimpse of an optimistic future…and then took it away from them and made them fight hard to get it back.


Q: Do you have a regular routine while creating a book?

A: I start with an idea and then I try to flesh it out by creating the characters, setting, and plot. I brainstorm for a while before making a scene by scene outline. Once that’s done, I start writing a really messy first draft, and my book usually changes a lot from the outline as I get new ideas. After that, I spend a lot of time revising the book to take it from a very rough draft to a polished manuscript.

Q: What’s the easiest and hardest part of creating a book?

A: The easiest part is coming up with the idea, because I get ideas for new books all the time and each one sounds like it would be a ton of fun to write. The hardest part is writing the first draft and turning that idea into an actual book.

Q: What makes your book stand out?

A: There are lots of other time travel books out there, but very few of them go to the future, especially multiple times. The book also has a diverse cast and a Mexican-American heroine, which we unfortunately don’t see enough of in YA sci-fi.

Q: Are you working on any other projects?

A: Right now I’m working on Future Lost, the final book in the Future Shock trilogy. It will be out in 2018 and asks the question: what if you discovered the world was going to end? Would you be able to change it, even if doing so required a huge sacrifice? It’s going to be a big, epic end to the trilogy and I hope readers will enjoy it!


Thanks, Elizabeth. Find out more about Future Threat and the whole trilogy on our website. And, make sure to check out Elizabeth’s events calendar for a chance to hear her talk about her books in person this spring!



Q&A with Elizabeth Briggs