Saving the Bees and Other “Green” Reads for Spring

April showers bring May flowers, but what else keep the flowers blooming? Bees! These little helpers stay busy all spring and summer pollinating plants and making honey. In recent years though, many bee species have been dying out. Though they may be small, they play a huge role the ecosystem and in our food production. Stay busy as a bee this spring with books about the bees and other stories about saving our planet from Albert Whitman & Company.


#1 Please Please the Bees


Benedict the bear has been enjoying honey his whole life, but one day the bees go on strike! Rather than getting angry, Benedict decides to listen to the bees. Once he realizes he can help, he gets to work planting flowers, improving their hive, and learning to be a better beekeeper. Funny illustrations of Benedict drinking cups of tea with honey and bees holding strike signs will leave kids buzzing with laughter in this story of cooperation, listening to others, and doing your part. Follow this link for a preview.

#2 What’s So Special About Planet Earth?


Ever wonder what it would be like to live on a different planet? Fun as that may be, it’s impossible for humans to survive anywhere else. This eye-opening picture book explains the differences between Earth and other planets in our solar system to show just how unique our planet is. Little ones will learn about the Earth’s atmosphere, the sun, and other planets. Take a look here for more.

#3 Polar Bear, Why is Your World Melting?


Come back to planet Earth and get a picture of the rapidly changing Arctic. Through colorful illustrations kids will learn about the effects of greenhouse gases and ways they can help prevent the destruction of polar bears’ homes. Part of the Wells of Knowledge collection, this book introduces science in a fun way. Check out more by clicking this link.

#4 This Tree Counts!


One owl, two spiders, three squirrels, four robins…how many animals can a single tree provide a home for?  Find out with Mr. Tate and his class as they take a closer look at the tree behind their school. The students learn about the small ecosystem within the tree, but notice something seems to be missing. Told by an easy-to-follow counting pattern, this fun book will leave kids ready to investigate and appreciate nature wherever they go. Follow this link to see more.

#5 Rooting for Rafael Rosales


For older readers, this middle-grade novel shares the stories of Rafael and Maya. Rafael is growing up in the Dominican Republic and has dreams of playing baseball in the major leagues. Maya is living in present-day Minnesota and is worried about the bees dying and the harm her father’s company is doing to the environment. This novel switches between two different time periods and places, but weaves the stories together as Maya and her sister follow Rafael’s first year in the minor leagues. Maya starts rooting for Rafael because if he can make it, maybe she—and the bees—will be okay, too. For more, click here.


#6 Dig Too Deep


For teen readers who like mystery, Dig Too Deep is a perfect pick. Liberty Briscoe’s life is turned upside down after her mother’s arrest (for political protest) means she must live with her Granny in Ebbotsville, Kentucky. Though she’d been there before as a kid, things have changed drastically. Coal mining has destroyed the tip of Mt. Tanner, and people, including her Granny, seem to be getting sick. Liberty starts an investigate and soon realizes there’s something suspicious going on. What will she do? Find out more by clicking here.


Want to find out more about our planet and how to save it? Follow these links for more books about the Earth and protecting our environment.

Saving the Bees and Other “Green” Reads for Spring