Time to Rhyme: Albert Whitman Celebrates National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month! Celebrate by checking out some of our favorite picture books written in verse. Getting kids interested in poetry can be hard, but the beautiful illustrations in these books will keep kids engaged while also exposing them to different kinds of poetry. Plus, they’re fun! Scroll below to see some of our favorites.


A Pirate’s Mother Goose

In this fun twist on classic Mother Goose rhymes everything has been given a pirate makeover! Whether it’s cats giving the first mate a fiddle or scalawags waltzing in the brig, this collection will inspire the pirate-poets in us all. Cartoon illustrations will have kids rhyming doubloon and buffoon whether they read them in the morning or the afternoon. For more, click here.


The Year Comes Around

Don’t want to rhyme all the time? Try The Year Comes Around. This beautifully illustrated book takes readers on a journey through the four seasons with a Haiku for every month. It’s a great way to introduce the traditional Japanese form of poetry to young readers, and it’s a perfect read year-round. Click here to find more.


A Funeral in the Bathroom

This Albert Whitman bestseller contains a collection of funny poems about school bathrooms. Children will be laughing all the way through these relatable moments as the bright illustrations take them through poems like “Flushophobic” and “There’s a Sock in the Toilet.” Clever rhymes make it a great choice for a read-a-loud story time. Listen for bathroom poems of your own after reading this one! Follow this link for more information.


Our Principal Promised to Kiss A Pig

Don’t miss this silly introduction to Shakespeare. In this Albert Whitman classic, the school principal promises to kiss a student’s pet pig, Hamlet, if all the students read 10,000 books by the end of the school year. Hamlet wants nothing to do with the bet, and it seems like he’s going to be safe until an author visits the school and the students quickly reach their goal. Will the Principal keep her promise? Told with pig-pun twists on classic lines from Shakespearean plays, this fun book introduces kids to poetry and Shakespeare at the same time. How’s that for a rhyme? For more, click here.



Want more? Check out Nightlights, an upcoming release from Albert Whitman. Read-along rhymes capture nighttime images for readers by describing the lights we see once the sun goes down. Perfect for bedtime or a summer camp-out, Nightlights is set to be published this August. For a preview or pre-order, click here.


Happy Poetry Month from Albert Whitman & Company!

Time to Rhyme: Albert Whitman Celebrates National Poetry Month