Middle Grade Summer Reading for Fans of All Genres!

Does your young reader like mystery novels? What about fantasy or sci-fi? Is historical fiction more their style? No matter what genre excites them most, Albert Whitman has something for everyone. Check out some of our new titles and our favorites we’ve put in paperback with the list below. They’re perfect for readers ages 8-12!


Dreambender by Ronald Kidd

In this dystopian future, everyone in the City is kept safe, but music and art are forbidden. Jeremy Finn is a dreambender—it’s his job to remove thoughts of music and art from everyone’s dreams. But one day, Jeremy comes across a dream of Callie singing and starts to wonder why he has to get rid of something so beautiful. He decides to find her in the real world, defying his community and the role they’ve assigned him. Fans of sci-fi and future novels will get caught up in Jeremy’s adventure and the moral dilemmas he must face along the way. For more, click here. And, if your reader prefers to stay in the past or present, be sure to check out Kidd’s other novels, Night on Fire and Room of Shadows.


The Tragically True Adventures of Kit Donovan by Patricia Bailey

After her mother dies of fever, Kit tries hard to keep her promise to be a “proper lady,” but in a 1905 Nevada mining town, it seems downright impossible. Then, she discovers that the gold mine where her father works is profiting from unsafe working conditions. She convinces her dad to speak up, but soon realizes that justice doesn’t always look the way she imagined. Though it’s set in the past, Kit Donovan’s “tragically true” story teaches readers to speak up for what’s right regardless of where—or when—they see injustice. For more, follow this link.


The Lost Cipher by Michael Oechsle

We’re bringing back this favorite adventure story in paperback just in time for summer. After Lucas’s father dies in Afganistan, his grandmother sends him to Camp Kawani—a camp for kids who have lost a parent. Though he is reluctant at first, Lucas soon makes new friends and hears about the local legend of Thomas Jefferson Beale’s hoard of gold that’s hidden in the mountains. They decide to track it down, but is their mission too dangerous for them to survive? Find out in this page-turning adventure novel. Click here for more.


Rooting for Rafael Rosales by Kurtis Scaletta

This story follows the lives of Maya, a girl living in present-day Minnesota, and Rafael, a boy from the Dominican Republic in the not-so-distant past with dreams of playing professional baseball. The stories switch points of view throughout, following Rafael as he tries to get noticed by baseball scouts, and Maya as she worries about the bees dying and the damage to the environment caused by her father’s company. The stories collide when Maya and her sister start following Rafael’s first year in the minor leagues. This story of hope and tough decisions reflects the emotional growth of middle-grade readers. To find out more, click here.


The Dragon Waking by Grayson Towler

Take a trip into a fantasy world where Rose Gallagher encounters magic, dragons, and mysterious meteorite fragments. After a dragon suddenly appears near her desert home, Rose’s predictable small-town life is turned upside down. She befriends a shape-shifting dragon named Jade and agrees to help her recover the mysterious Harbinger—a piece of meteorite that has the power to awaken dragons! As their quest continues, Rose finds herself risking her life. This fantasy is filled with very real themes of friendship, compassion, and trust. For more, follow this link.


Pursued by Gary Urey

Ready for a high-speed chase around the world? Axel and Daisha are! Equipped with the GeoPorts, a device invented by their scientist parents that can transport anyone to any place on Earth in seconds, the friends are on the run from the madman that killed their parents. The two are separated and must find each other so they can destroy the Geoports and honor their parents final wishes. Soon they find themselves caught in the middle of a war for control of money, culture, politics, and power. Can they reunite? Sci-fi fans and adventure-loving readers alike will love this first book in the Secrets of the X-Point series. Find out more by clicking here.

Happy Summer Reading!

Middle Grade Summer Reading for Fans of All Genres!