Summer Fun with the Boxcar Children

We’re celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Boxcar Children all year long! As you may know, there are over 140 Boxcar Children books. We’re sharing a list of our favorite mysteries centered on baseball, vacations, camping, and other summertime activities. Plus, be sure to check out the Boxcar Children website for more fun activities to do this summer!


The Boxcar Mysteries #2: Surprise Island

In the second Boxcar Children book the Aldens are on summer vacation. They take a trip to an almost private island, but what happens when they are faced with a challenge? Find out more by clicking here. And be sure to keep an eye out this fall for the newest Boxcar movie based on this book!


The Boxcar Children Special #4: The Mystery at the Ballpark

Join in this summertime sport with a mystery from the Boxcar Children! Jessie and Violet are selected to play on the local baseball team, Henry gets a job assisting the coach, and even Benny gets a role as a bat boy! When a special bat is stolen and Jessie’s favorite glove goes missing, the Aldens know there is a mystery to be solved. Can they save the team and the baseball season? Click here for more.


The Boxcar Mysteries #16: Mystery in the Sand

While living in a seaside mobile home, the Aldens discover the secret of two secluded women. Will their discovery lead them to treasure, or will they find themselves in danger? Follow this link for more about this beachy mystery!


The Boxcar Children Special #14: The Home Run Mystery

On a visit to Pikesville, New York, the Boxcar Children watch the last few games of the season. The games are played at a strange ballpark behind an abandoned factory. The Aldens notice that the opposing team, the Eagles, seem to be hitting too many home runs and one night Violent sees strange lights coming from the factory. Could the two be related? The Boxcar Children on are on the case! Find out more about this baseball mystery by following this link.


The Boxcar Mysteries #25: The Amusement Park Mystery

While visiting the amusement park that’s come to town the Aldens enjoy fun rides and games. But what happens when they begin to investigate antique wooden horses on the merry-go-round near Cousin Joe’s house? Click here for more.


The Boxcar Mysteries #27: The Camp-Out Mystery

Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny set out on a camping trip, but it’s almost spoiled by loud music and the disappearance of a lantern. Things become even more complicated when Grandfather disappears too. How will the Aldens solve this mystery? Find out by following this link.


The Boxcar Mysteries #82: The Summer Camp Mystery

When the Boxcar Children head off to summer camp, they’re excited about making new friends, participating in activities, and, most of all, competing in the annual camp Olympics. However, things go wrong right away—they lose their luggage, the camp flag disappears, and campers from the other team steal one of Jessie’s ideas to score points! What will the Aldens do when they realize some campers are willing to lie and cheat to win? Find out more by clicking here.


The Boxcar Mysteries #94: The Ice Cream Mystery

The Aldens, especially Benny, all love ice cream, so when they find out that someone is trying to shut down the Greenfield Ice Cream Barn, they know they must help before it’s too late. They discover that the owner has two new partners. Could they be behind the plot to shut down the business? Click here for more.


The Boxcar Mysteries #122: The Spy in the Bleachers

Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are all excited to help out at the ballpark when the Clayton Cogs are playing for the pennant! While watching the game, they notice that the other team’s batters seem to know the pitches a little too well. It becomes clear that someone in the stadium is stealing the Cog’s pitcher’s signals. Can the Boxcar Children find out who is spying for the other team? Find out by following this link.

Have a great summer adventure with The Boxcar Children!

Summer Fun with the Boxcar Children