Illuminating Picture Books for Hanukkah

It’s time to celebrate the miracle of the Maccabees during Hanukkah. Here are four of our favorites to last all eight nights. To continue celebrations, make sure to check out additional holiday titles here.

Little Red Ruthie

By Gloria Koster


This book melds Hanukkah traditions with the folklore of Little Red Riding Hood creating a holiday classic that will entertain all young readers. Ruthie must cross the woods to bring her grandmother applesauce and sour cream for the latkes, but the wolf who finds her has other ideas. Can Ruthie convince him that latkes are much more delicious than her?

Find out more about author Gloria Koster here.

Is it Hanukkah Yet?

By Chris Barash


The worst part about the holidays is waiting for them to come! This lyrical picture book illustrates the anticipation and excitement building towards the holiday. As the snow covers the ground and the latkes and menorah are gathered, the reader is taken through the telltale signs that Hanukkah is on its way after all.

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The Eigth Menorah

By Lauren L. Wohl


Everyone at school is making menorahs for Hanukkah, but Sam’s family already has seven. What could they possibly do with one more? Sam is determined to find the perfect home for his menorah before Hanukkah starts.

The Borrowed Hanukkah Latkes

By Linda Glaser


Everyone’s coming to Rachel’s house to celebrate the last day of Hanukkah and eat her Mama’s famous latkes. When eight more relatives are added to the guest list her Mama is afraid there won’t be enough food. Rachel goes down to Mrs. Greenberg’s house to borrow a few more potatoes and invite her to the celebration, but Mrs. Greenberg is stubborn as an ox and doesn’t want to be a bother to Rachel’s family. It’s up to Rachel to convince her that during Hanukkah, the more the merrier!


Happy Hanukkah from Albert Whitman!

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Illuminating Picture Books for Hanukkah