‘Tis the Season…

…the season to curl up with a good book, that is! From silly reads to heartfelt classics, these picture books are handpicked to make this Christmas memorable. Start your holidays right by sharing the joy of books with your young readers and giving the gift of kindness.

Finding Christmas

By Lezlie Evans


Squirrel, Hare, and Mouse are in the midst of their final Christmas preparations in the forest. When Mouse goes out to find the perfect gift for Hare, he ends up finding Swallow, sick and alone in the woods! All the woodland creatures use their Christmas gifts to help Swallow feel better and find that, in the end, giving their gifts and helping their friend was the best Christmas gift they could have asked for.

To take the book’s message to heart, download a “gifts of kindness” craft project.

Captain Bling’s Christmas Plunder

By Rebecca Colby

9780807510636_Captain Bling

Captain Bling and his whole crew are off on an adventure when their ship gets blown off course all the way to the North Pole! They quickly discover that fate was in their favor. Elves are carrying all sorts of gifts and treasure! By the time Santa gets on board, it seems the gifts may be lost forever, but Santa has a surprise in store for Captain Bling and his crew.

Rudy’s Windy Christmas

By Helen Baugh


Santa doesn’t want to eat his sprouts at dinner, so he feeds them to Rudy instead. It turns out that sprouts make Rudy a little…er…smelly. The other reindeer downwind of Rudy are so distracted by their own laughter that the sleigh gets off course! It’s up to Rudy and his new found tooting power to get everyone back home safely. Watch the trailer here to get a whiff of all the excitement.

The Night the Lights Went Out on Christmas

By Ellis Paul


The holidays are always illuminated by rows and rows of Christmas lights. When one suburban street becomes locked in a bright competition, the decorations become out of control until finally they accidentally shut off the power. In the darkness that remains, they can see the night time stars, the best Christmas display. Based on Ellis Paul’s renowned Christmas song, this goofy tale is paired with beautiful illustrations, giving the reader a light show of their own.

A Homemade Together Christmas

By Maryann Cocca-Leffler


Luca and his family decide that this year they’ll exchange homemade gifts for Christmas. Everyone’s very excited: Momma makes breakfast, Dad makes a blanket, and his sister Rosie sings a song. But Luca can’t think of anything to give to his family! He brainstorms idea after idea, but nothing seems possible. Will Luca find the right gift for his family?


Merry Christmas from Albert Whitman!

Celebrate with Kindness.

‘Tis the Season…