Celebrate Black History Month with Albert Whitman

To honor Black History Month, learn all about the first black golfer to win a PGA tournament in Charlie Takes His ShotCharlie Sifford’s determination in a sport where he faced discrimination, both on and off the green, helped break down the color barrier in golf. “A poignant and inspiring tale of a groundbreaking sports figure whose name and story should be well-known,” says Kirkus Reviews.


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After being taunted by her classmates, Mackenzie seeks guidance and support from her neighbor Miss Tillie, learning how to tend and care for her hair and realizing that natural black hair is beautiful in My Hair is a Garden.


It’s exhausting being famous, but someone has to do it! Kiely knows she is a star in I Am Famous. The paparazzi (her parents) follow her every move, documenting with cameras. She even gets to perform a big song at her grandfather’s birthday. But when she messes up, will her fans still love her?


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Celebrate Black History Month with Albert Whitman