More digital talk, taking place right here in Chicago!

By Kristie in Digital & International

Of all the things that Chicago is famous for (architecture, sports teams, art and music, deep dish pizza, and of course, those unbearable winters…), books and publishing never make it quite up there on the list.  But lo and behold, last year the Department of Cultural Affairs introduced the Chicago Publishers Gallery as a way to group all the Chicagoland publishing companies together both to showcase the importance of this industry as well as to organize forums and social gatherings on a regular basis for the local book-lovers. 

Last Tuesday a few of us here at Albert Whitman & Co. attended a forum entitled “Digital Innovators in Publishing.”  In two hours, lots of insights and ideas were thrown around between the audience and the two guest speakers – Dominique Raccah of Sourcebooks and Dan Sinker of Cell Stories.  Dominique stated that her company now has more resources behind e-books than their regular print editions because there are as many as 70 more steps involved with e-book development; however, this is definitely paying off as they are continuing to see multimedia book sales increase.

Dan introduced the audience to some global examples as to how publishers and authors can utilize the expanding smart phone market to grow interest and content.   For example, the Dutch utilize QR technology to create interactions between cell phone users and writers. 

Pretty fun, isn’t it?  It’s great to see how a technology widely used in mobile advertising found its place in art as well. 

While we can all come to the conclusion that it is key for publishers and authors to connect with their readers in the format most relevant to them, it was also comforting to hear that print books will very likely be sticking around for a long time.  Like the one common phrase that has been emphasized at every e-book/digital conversation – “Content is King.”

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More digital talk, taking place right here in Chicago!