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#FridayReads with Wendy McClure

It’s #FridayReads with Albert Whitman Staffers!  Today Senior Editor Wendy McClure talks about her current reads: Remember back in October when I told you I wasn’t sure I was going to hit my Goodreads Challenge Goal for 2014?  It turns out—whew!—I did. Those lazy days … Continue reading

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#FridayReads with Albert Whitman Staff …Plus StarWarsReadsDay!

It’s #FridayReads with Albert Whitman Staffers!  Today Senior Editor Wendy McClure talks about her current reads: So I’m one of those nerds who does the reading challenge on Goodreads, where you set a reading goal for the year and log all your books. In the past years my … Continue reading

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Rolling with the changes

Things never stay the same at publishing houses. Offices move, editors come and go, and submissions guidelines change all the time. Within the past five years here at AWCo we’ve relocated, seen two retirements in Editorial, experienced new leadership, and … Continue reading

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What’s in a Title?: The Editorial Perspective!

Yesterday Michelle spoke about choosing a book title from the marketing department’s perspective, and about the “running argument” she has with us folks in Editorial. Hmm, is it really an argument? Well, I will admit to thinking that if Marketing … Continue reading

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I met Mouse!!!!

I work with most of our authors and illustrators long distance, and don’t usually get to meet them in person, but on the rare occasion that I do, it’s great. But it’s even more awesome when I get to meet … Continue reading

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Notes From a NaNoWriMo Convert

I’m not a convert to National Novel Writing Month in the way you might think. I’ve never completed a manuscript during NaNoWriMo (and in fact have only attempted it once). My conversion has to do with the fact that I … Continue reading

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From the Archives: The Scariest Children’s Book We’ve Ever Published

Oh, we’ve done plenty of Halloween books over the years, and we have a fine selection of them out this season and on our backlist. But the creepiest and most terrifying book our company has ever published isn’t a Halloween … Continue reading

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Guest Blog from Dori Butler: Meet Mouse!

Last week, we happnened to be visiting Iowa, where Dori Butler, author of The Buddy Files, lives. We knew Dori had a big black dog named Mouse, just like Buddy’s friend in the books, and we wanted to meet him! … Continue reading

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A quick (and inevitably incomplete) guide to the YA Twitterverse

Are you a newcomer to Twitter?  Or else the realm of young adult publishing? Or both? Don’t be intimidated—you can learn a lot about the YA book world AND the way it uses Twitter by following a number of great … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Inside The Zombie Project!

by Anastasia Suen Whenever I visit schools the children always ask, “Where do you get your ideas?” It’s one of my most frequently asked questions. They always seem surprised when I say that ideas are everywhere. I find ideas at … Continue reading

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